Reviews Attest Runescape is the Most Popular With Kids

RuneScape is a new game largely intended for children that is fast becoming popular with the kids and could be a potential competitor to the World of Warcraft, now supposedly the most popular in this category of Internet games. It is accessible with a browser running Java, and is thus available to computers of even lower capabilities. Persistent video games reviews attest to this fact.

RuneScape is easy to access since it is supposed to be primarily for children. Kids are too smart these days that they can just create an account at the RineScape website, and they can already start their play. Everything is for free anyway, so kids can play the game anytime they wish. There are some files to be downloaded but once this is done, the computer can be already compatible with RunerScape. Kids are bound to express their admiration for Runescape in their video games reviews, as kids are frank and have no inhibitions.

The graphics in RunerScape are at a minimum level since it is to be played with an Internet browser, so speed is not affected so much. But the action in the game is as impressive as any of the other games. Kids create even their own characters with the set of body parts like faces, hair and bodies. There is no limit to how a kid’s imagination can do this. Adults watching the kids do this are just too amazed now at the dexterity of kids in these things.

RunerScape however is not really that simple to play with, so there is a tutorial that you can make use of in order to learn how to play the game. The young kids have a way of learning this – they sit down with the older kids who guide them through the various steps of play, and pretty soon they will be playing by themselves alone.

You start a game in the beginner’s area until you get used to the procedures to be ready to play in the more difficult stages which follow after you have mastered the lower categories of the game. There are various levels of competence that you have to go through to make you a more qualified player of the game.

RuneScape is basically free and this is so because kids on their own do not really have the money to pay. There are more advanced section however where some payment is needed, and this is where the kids call on the dads for help… The only disadvantage of this free game is that a banner ad is always at the top of the page. This could be annoying to adults, but for a kid he does not mind this. As long as he is seated before the computer and engrossed in the fighting he does, what kid really bothers about banner ads? He is too busy with his opponents on RunScape, to worry about intrusions to the page. In his comments later in the video games reviews section, nowhere will there be a mention of the banner ads.

Spanish for Kids: 5 Best Methods of Learning

Without a doubt learning second or a third language gives you huge advantage on the labor market, when you want to travel, when you want to make new friends and increase your knowledge of the world. It is also a fact that the younger you are the faster you can learn foreign languages. Studies have shown that learning a second language by the age of ten is much easier than later in life. Children who are bilingual tend to have a greater understanding of the English language (or whatever their native tongue is) and a higher rate of comprehension overall.

But learning has to be fun! It is becomes much more important when it concerns children, because kids are not keen about anything that resembles school. So make sure your child is not tired, sick or overworked; if you can make learning Spanish a game, your child will respond much more favorably. Kids learn by repetition in short spurts, so they should practice daily, but for no more than half an hour at a time.

Have a look at some ideas for helping your kid learn Spanish:

  1. Children’s books in Spanish. It is a fantastic way to learn Spanish. The children’s books have lots of images and funny stories. They can easily increase your kids reading comprehension level, which is lower at first. As their Spanish skills develop, they can move on to entertainment magazines or young adult novels.
  2. Learning games. Many of the same Spanish learning games for adults can be used for kids; simply find or make easier versions with children’s themes. Some games include Memory Concentration where you flip over cards to find two matching words, Word Match where you match up a list of words with their corresponding pictures, and Plug-n-Play where you fill in the blanks of a paragraph with a list of the missing words.
  3. Educational video games. There are many websites that provide video games to help kids learn Spanish. You can also buy such games. Kids love video games, so if a lesson looks like such a game, you will have no trouble convincing your child to play and learn! Make sure, however that your kids don’t spend too much time in front of their computer or tv, as staring at a computer screen too long can harm their eyes.
  4. Online, software, DVDs. There are good options both for adults and children. Such interactive lessons are a perfect way to combine audio, video and grammar comprehension.
  5. Spanish-speaking pen pals. Learning a foreign language is much easier and can be much faster when you make new friends and use the new language to communicate with them. Reading a dry lesson in a textbook is one thing, reading a personal letter from a new friend is a whole other thing. Eagerness to understand what is being written by your pen pal will increase your child’s ability, and discovering actual, used colloquialisms will make the language much more special.

As you can see, Spanish for kids is a great option and there are plenty of effective ways to teach your child Spanish. They can be also a good start for you to begin learning this language! 

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