Board Games for Girls 8-10

There are many good games suitable for Boys. But, for girls, great games are more difficult to find. Most are excessively simple, linear games based on expensive license agreements. The idea of games determined by gender can be debated. For the sake of stimulating the mind, here are our award-winning suggestions. (Boys can also benefit from these games as well).

Quick Summary of Development and Skills
Understanding the 8-10 year old girl is not a simple task. There is a continuum of development rather than a set level for every child. We reviewed PBS Parents, Today’s Parent Magazine, and Kids Growth Organization. All with slightly different opinions.

The 8-10 year old girl usually prefers to play with the same gender. Some are not quite ready for complex rules, and crib notes. At 8 years old, some can but many are not ready to solve abstract logic problems.

8-10 year old girls do understand rules. They should have already developed a base of reading skills, and continue to expand their vocabulary. Teen culture and friends are very important, and they love to collect things.

By 8 years old, girls are usually ready to solve problems independently.

Gift Trap
A game of giving and receiving. A fantasy gifting game kids love to play. This game is very social and lots of fun.
Players: 3-10
Duration: 20 minutes

Rukshuk is based on re-creating actual rock formations, or Rukshuks. It is purely sensory, focusing more on fine motors skills and problem solving. It’s great fun to play.
Players: 1-5
Duration: 10-30 minutes

Wits and Wagers Family
An excellent game for compound learning. Reading and scoring along with decision-making all in one game. The best part is that if you are not the winner, you can still get points. A game of social interaction with math and decision-making hidden in there is a bonus.
Players: 3-10
Duration: 20 minutes

An award-winning game from France which is all about the story. All girls love a great story, especially if you can take it wherever you wish.
Players: 3-6
Duration: 30 minutes

Sonic Party Games

Here are some fun kids Sonic party games for your next kids birthday party. Having a Sonic the Hedgehog theme at your next kids party is an easy and fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday.

How do you think the kids would enjoy a Pin the Tail on Tails game. Tails is a fox with a bushy tail and he is Sonic’s friend. This is a take off on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game that has been a child’s party game for decades.

Search for Sonic’s Golden Rings in a Sonic Scavenger Hunt. Give the kids clues or a map to help them find the hidden treasure or let them search on their own. Either way when they find the hidden surprises they get to keep them! This makes the game prizes double as party favors and saves you some money.

A Sonic Relay Race is fun. This speedy Hedgehog is a good character to base a race on. Let your guests speed around a race course you designed. Add some obstacles to make it more challenging and let the kids have a blast racing with super speed.

A Super Sonic Yell Contest is a loud but fun way to entertain your party guests. Get this yelling contest on tape and play it for the kids before they leave your party. This game will have them laughing twice. Once when it first goes on and second when they get to hear all those funny noises again!

There is a Nintendo licensed Pull String Sonic pinata that looks just like everyone’s favorite Hedgehog. Fill this pinata up with goodies and some temporary tattoos or stickers. Let the kids take turns pulling on Sonic’s strings until someone pulls the string that breaks open this pinata and spills out those goodies and treats you put in there.

Take a look at the Sonic the Hedgehog party supplies that are available and pick the ones you like the best. Choose the ones that will make the biggest splash in your decorating plans. The wall decals, the latex balloons or the Sonic pinata game are all good ideas. The Sonic pinata will double as a party decoration early on in the party and then later it becomes another fun Sonic party games. And this is a party game kids really like! Be sure to check out this pull string Hedgehog pinata game.

Fun party games are a big part of any kids party and these Sonic party games will make your child’s birthday celebration more fun than ever. This is going to be a party to remember full of fun kids party games.

Practice Typing For Kids

Typing has now become a crucial part of our lives where the use of computers is so common everywhere. It has now become a part of our everyday life. To become an expert at this, we should start it young. It is no wonder kids are set to an early start to learn typing. There are great many tools that are designed to help practice typing for kids. Some programs have been written especially for this purpose. These programs come in the form of typing lessons or games.

Kids can either indulge in games to help them learn the alphabet or typing lessons to help them learn the keys on the keyboard. No matter which method they choose, the motive is still the same i.e. practice typing for kids. Apart from honing their skill in typing, these programs are highly educational for the kids.

You can even download some of these games or lessons free from the internet. There are also those that charge a fee for their program or online access to the lessons. The good part about having these lessons from the internet is that these typing programs can allow the kids to pick up typing skill easily, all in the comfort of their homes. There is no need to source for a tuition center or even a tutor.

In addition, these programs have been written to resemble computer games and therefore some may find this type of software an effective way to encourage and hold the interest of their kids. More practice would mean more improvement in their typing skills!

This is definitely a fun and easy way to practice typing for kids. Some games are suitable for kid and adults alike. Adults too can take this as an opportunity to try out and experience it in order to assess the efficiency of these typing programs for kids.