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5 Cool Halloween Party Games For Kids

Every Halloween party needs Halloween party games. A couple games are usually enough to keep your guests entertained. If you overdo it and have too many games planned you may actually harm the flow of your party.

Games should be age appropriate. You should consider the group you are working with. If you are having a child’s party your Halloween party games are going to be fairly short so you will need a few more to keep the attention of your young guests.

1. Some fun games for children’s parties can include a hay maze to get the kids lost in. A few treats along the way to be found like prizes are always a big hit. Your maze can be made with bales of hay or you can have a cornfield maze. Whatever way you plan the maze it is usually a hit with kids.

2. Scavenger hunting is another great Halloween party game. Kids love these, and so do adults. You can start off with one clue and have your group seek the next clue or you can give them multiple clues at once and really blow their minds.

3. Mummies are fun at Halloween parties. A fun Halloween party game can include making a mummy with toilet paper or gauze. You can have a contest to see which team can make their member into a mummy faster.

4. Passing the pumpkin under your chin is another fun game. You do not want to use full size pumpkins. In fact, you may want to use an apple instead of a pumpkin. Get your group in a line and everyone clasps their hands behind their own back. The fruit is passed under the chin of the members of the group in a line and hands cannot touch the fruit. The first team to get their pumpkin to the end of the line wins. Of course, if you drop the pumpkin you have to start over.

5. Build a scarecrow, pin the art on the witch, guess the ghost, and bobbing for apples are al fun games to keep your group entertained. Traditional Halloween party games can include pumpkin carving. You can have a contest. This is always a good way to get creative with your party. You can give prizes for many different categories.

Whatever party ideas you have let your imagination go wild and modify the game to fit your group. Halloween is a day to be creative and let your hair down. Enjoy it while you can.

What Do Kids Want for Christmas This Year?

Kids come in all shapes sizes and mindsets. So it’s impossible to write one article that tells you what toys kids want for Christmas this year. But, since I have been tracking the most wished ‘wishlists’ on Amazon I can venture to share with you 5 great toys that you will not go wrong with. Especially if you are gifting children other than your own (and operating on a approx 30 dollar budget).

Just a sidenote, if you are gifting your own kids and you are not sure you know what they want, ask them. Communicate. Merry Christmas!

Coming back to three great games kids want for Christmas in 2010, here are my selections…

First is the Hedbanz game. It’s a quick-question game of ‘What Am I?’ Fast, easy and fun for the whole family, this gem really develops the deductive reasoning skills of 6 year olds and up. Great for sleepovers and school parties also. The only negative aspect is that there are only 72 cards to pick from making the choices finite.

The Loopz game, for 1 to 4 players, is the next great idea. Loopz includes 7 different games that can be played solo or as a head-to-head competition. It presents a mixture of skill and action as the “loops” flash with ever-quickening patterns of light and music which players must mimic. The idea is to stay alert… because if you miss three times you’re out!

The Mindflex game from Mattel moves one level higher in mind development. It combines advanced technology with the power of thought as players compete in the ultimate mental marathon through various obstacles that can be repositioned into many different configurations. This game competed for the 10th Annual Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards and has been widely acclaimed for all kids including autistics.

The Scientific Explorer’s Mind Blowing Science Kit for Young Scientists is exactly what the name suggests it is. Tons of positive reviews about this kit confirm that it is great for involving the family with experiments that intrigue all ages. The winner of Parents’ Choice Approved Award and Dr.Toy ‘One of the 10 Best Educational Products Award’, this kit contains a variety of experiments and instruction guide with scientific explanation. There heaps of learning and fun here.

Finally, the Multi Voice Changer by Toysmith is the season’s big hit! It helps you change your voice with 10 different voice modifiers and kids just can’t stop playing with it. Get the most fun voice effects with a huge range of side-lever combinations!

So now that you know what kids want for Christmas, let’s get to work!

Kids Party Games – Advice on Prizes

So your kids turning six and you are dreading having twenty screaming six year olds running around your home out of control!  Right?  Never fear, party games are the answer.  This article will give you some good advice about prizes. Believe it or not giving out prizes at a kids birthday party is not compulsory. Kids can have ample fun just playing the games.

You can have a successful kids party that is fun for everyone.  Seriously!  The party games you decide to go with can make or break your party.  Not to mention making or breaking you!  So select the games that best suit the age of the kids attending.  What ever you do don’t stress about the prizes.. if you choose to have any.

There are many games to choose from, some which suit both young and old.  All you need to do is make sure you are organized, understand the rules and include all kids in the fun.  For the shyer ones get them to help you with the music or holding your whistle even your hand.  They will adore you for including them.

There are a number of opinions around about prizes and whether to give them out and if that is your choice – how to go about it. I prefer the no prize option and the reasons are simple.

1. Prizes get in the way of the fun. The fun is in playing fun games. Kids get all anxious and eager for the prizes when they are on offer. My experience with kids party’s has shown me that they don’t even think about prizes unless they are on offer.

2. There is less to organise.

3. There is less to pay for.

4. You don’t need to worry about making sure every one has won the same number of prizes.

You can always hand out party bags at the end, there is also the birthday cake and any food you decide to serve, be warned though, these will probably take a back seat to the party games too. If you do decide to give out prizes then the following suggestions will help to keep things simple and fun. Select one for your party or a combination.

1. Keep the prizes simple, such as a small lolly, candy, lollipop or sticker.

2. Use a lucky dip box to hand out the prizes.

3. Play some games with prizes and some with out. Announce at the start of the game if there is a prize attached.

4. Play a set of say three or four games then offer everyone a prize.

5. Give every one a prize at the end of each game.

6. Keep all the prizes the same.

You can now put away your dread and actually look forward to the fun and hilarity of your kids party.  Those six year olds will be putty in your hands.  Enjoy!