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Kids’ Video Games and Your Children

Most parents today don’t stay home as much as they need to. With the growing demands of raising a family in the most ideal way which is really very costly, both parents need to keep jobs.

If parents are away at work then the children are left at home. Nannies aren’t always employed and some parents just allow their kids to bask in front of the TV set or engage in long bouts of playing video games.

Kids’ video games are marketed as safe entertainments for young children and are also said to be educational. But looking closely, if you stop and observe for just a few minutes, you would notice that a lot of these supposedly harmless games have negative themes.

They promote killing of animals and even people, disrespect for authority, abuse of drugs and alcohol, violence against women, sexual exploitation, gender stereotypes, obscene languages and gestures.

There are studies showing that kids’ video games, when played too much can affect children behavior. Early in life, they become immune to violence and tend to become violent themselves as they attempt to act out what they play on consoles.

As parents, though there is a need to leave your children behind to earn for their own future, you still have the responsibility of making sure that your children are safe. Safe from anything that could hurt them both physically and corrupt them emotionally.

Check on the Entertainment Software Rating Board ratings to know the contents of kids’ video games before purchasing them for your children. Take time to play the video games with your kids for actual experience of its contents.

Also, don’t let your children spend too much time with these video games. Let them stay over at a relative’s place to make sure they are well taken care of while you’re at work. You can also make out a list of things they can do at home and see if they accomplished it by the time you arrive. You can still take care of your children while you’re away.

FPS – First Person Shooter Games

Among the biggest sellers in online PC games are FPS, or First Person Shooter, games.

Kids love ‘em. So do most Dads.

Many moms think the level of violence is too high and too graphic, so Dad and the kids play them when she is not looking.

FPS games are centered on you, the player, from your point of view. Armed with various handheld weapons, you might be called on to thwart the invasion of Earth by aliens or to stop a Nazi advance in WWII. As a player, you interact directly with the game environment from your own perspective.

FPS games evolved in the late 1990s as PCs became powerful enough to render the 3D graphics in real time. These are way beyond the arcade shooters from Space Invaders on up.

Several sub-genres of FPS have distinguished themselves:

* tactical – most have a military motif

* stealth – avoiding detection by opponents is a major element

* run and gun – among the most popular with multiple enemies and fast-paced action

* real-time strategy (RTS) – able to give commands to other units and control the strategy

* first person adventure (FPA) – free roaming adventure which takes one to the edge, like the controversial series Grand Theft Auto

Most FPS games take graphics to a new level of realism while exaggerating the attributes of the player. You now likely have muscles and strength that make Arnold look like a girlie-man.

Kids and adults alike love the frantic blasting of enemies within the context of heroic storylines.

While FPS games are demanding on your reflexes, they are also demanding on your PC. You will definitely have a need for speed, as well as a good graphics card and a decent set of speakers. The demands of gamers have pushed the PC industry to make better desktop computers for all.

The next big shift – with broadband Internet service now in millions of homes worldwide – will be the delivery of the latest FPS game to your PC via streaming download instead of CD. As more gamers accept online streaming delivery of the game itself, costs should come down over time as the game developers turn to online delivery and bypass the CD/DVD publishers and retailers in the supply chain.

For the game developers, online delivery of FPS games represents an opportunity to open up a new market of gamers who would be willing to try FPS online, but who never visit EB Games, the Electronics Boutique, or other game retailers in the mall.

For those who want to try/demo any number of FPS games, I recommend the Triton player. This streaming download allows you to begin play well before the entire download is completed. You can even demo recent releases like Prey from 3D Realms.

You can register free and download the player at:

As long as there are heroes and villains, and kids with vivid imaginations, there will be a place for FPS games when the aliens come calling.

Learn Calculations With Mathematical Games

Math is a difficult subject. However, there are plenty of ways to learn and master this subject. Multiplication games are one such option which helps to improve the calculations of a person. You will find plenty of multiplication games available online.

Bingo is among the most popular multiplication game. It encourages the student to look for correct answers so as to win the game. Then there are some others like UNO and playing cards which involve use of numbers and multiplication. This subject can only be learned with participation. Another popular game in this category is Buzz, t requires two’s and three’s to be singled out. These fun and engaging games makes multiplication a fun. Some of the all time favorite multiplication games include checkers, backgammon and chess etc. Even teachers at school encourage students to learn math with the help of multiplication games.

They are extremely helpful in teaching math to kids so that they can then incorporate things that they have learned, in the classrooms. The games that you will find today vary greatly with those of the past. The plot of these games has become much more interesting and challenging, thereby helping a lot of kids to improve their mathematical abilities.

They provide hands-on learning opportunities and make the kid learn things fast. Cooperative learning, enhanced practice and active participation are some of the other advantages of playing these games. You can learn these games anytime, anywhere. Majority of us will recall memorizing mathematical tables as children. However, the times have changed now. It has become important for a child to learn multiplication before learning the tables.

Strong math foundation is required irrespective of whatever field your kids chooses when he or she grows up. There are several ways to learn multiplication, however only some are fun and exciting and multiplication games is one of them. Majority of the multiplication games are card based. Also, no one can doubt the effectiveness of these games.

Kids find excuses to run away from studies. These games helps to ensure that the kid is constantly engaged in mathematical activities and his calculative skills are being improved with each game. These are in fact a great way for kids to visualize the possibilities when they apply the mathematical knowledge. It is not that playing computer games are always bad or addictive. You can use these games as a great learning tool.