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Gifts To Get Your Kids Moving!

Get your kids moving this holiday season with fun toys and games they will be excited to unwrap… and can’t wait to play!

I found several gift ideas that promote fitness in children – some of them in new ways; others just new twists on traditional exercise. The bonus is they can all be played indoors so bad weather won’t be an excuse.

*Hoops to Go, from Back to Basics Toys – A basketball hoop ready to travel to Grandma’s house or wherever you want to take it. Just hang it on the back of a door and you’re set. The game features electronic sounds and a suspended ball return. It comes with two basketballs and folds up in an attached carry bag. (Ages 5+)

*Off-the-Couch Interactive Games, also from Back to Basics Toys – Features 3 interactive sports games. Kids can swing a plastic baseball bat against a pitcher, use a mini tennis racquet to play different opponents, and put on some gloves to trade punches with a boxing champ. The game console plugs into a television and Infrared wireless technology lets the players see all the action on the TV screen. (Ages 5+)

*Kids Gym Treadmill – A mini treadmill designed just for children. The handle bars are covered with foam so it’s easy for kids to hold onto them. The treadmill comes with a meter that measures your little one’s speed, time and distance. (Ages 4-7)

*Cranium Hullabaloo – It’s kind of like Twister meets Simon Says. The game comes with pads that are different shapes and colors with pictures and words on them. A “Hullabaloo” voice tells you what to do, like touch your nose to a circle, hop to a square shape, or put your elbow on a musical instrument – lots of jumping and dancing for all. (Ages 4-10)

*Twister Dance DVD – The classic version of Twister ties you up in knots… the new one really gets you moving. The game adds video dance instruction that encourages kids to learn cool moves to perform on one of four dance mats. Just pop the game into a DVD player and animated characters teach you how to boogie to the beat during 40 dance sessions. (Ages 8-12)

*Fisher Price Smart Cycle – A combination of a stationary bike and an educational arcade game system. Kids pedal and steer to visit places like Math Mountain, Shape Lake, and Letter Creek. The game is designed to teach upper & lowercase letters, number & counting, spelling, and more. It plugs right into your TV and kids have to keep pedaling to keep the games going. (Ages 3-6)

*Dance Dance Revolution – Still popular, this game prompts you to follow directions as you move your feet and dance to hit songs. It is available for most video game consoles, home computers, and as a stand alone that plugs directly into the TV. (Ages 5-99)!!

These toys and games may all come with age recommendations for kids, but I noticed a few that seem like a lot of fun for those of us still kids at heart.

And speaking of ageless, there are also plenty of “classic” exercise gifts like jump ropes, pogo sticks, and my all-time favorite – hoola hoops – you can give your kids this year to get them moving and enjoying it.

Fun Free Cooking Games Online

Free cooking games is a classic game. We all enjoyed getting in the kitchen and pretending we can cook and prepare meals for our family. These games are more than just baking, cooking and frying. It is the full experience of cooking like a professional chef.

Characterized by a high resolution flash image, with a point and click control, these thrilling free online cooking games will give you the best and most amusing simulation kitchen experience. Everybody can play these games. You do not really need to memorize any cheats or other controls. Just have a trusty mouse attached to your computer and you’re good to go.

Free cooking games online is the full experience of cooking as if you are a professional chef. You can get to make meals step by step as in cooking. In some versions, you could actually use the recipes in a real life kitchen. Now, you could prepare new meals for your family to enjoy. It’s like being taught how to cook while having fun at the same time.

Create your own restaurant, diner or bakeshop and like a true restaurant owner, think of ways to attract and entice more virtual customers. You can also get to compete with other restaurants. Prepare delicious culinary dishes. Be creative and in no time you will surely drive more virtual visitors to your place.

Bake your own versions of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, and celebration cakes. Build your own bakeshop and be like a professional pastry chef and create masterpieces that would keep your online customers coming back for more.

Other versions of online games have captivating and thrilling storylines. If you think you’ve got what it takes to become the next celebrity chef, head chef, or is craving to experience Hell’s Kitchen, you could try competing in these online cooking games. You could also play as the main character and save your restaurant from bankruptcy, be caught a romantic kitchen love story, or be a part of a team in competition. These are the most popular and most played cooking games.

Let an online chef teach you real-life helpful techniques. Learn new culinary dishes from a virtual expert chef. Get to experience culinary arts school in a more fun way with these online cooking games.

Everything is provided for you to play. These free cooking games online are certainly so much fun than what you’re used to play when you were a kid. Online games are so addictive because they are very easy and relatable. You wouldn’t want to miss anything about these games. Kids of all ages and even kids-at-heart will enjoy this flash game.

Benefits of Interactive Girls Games

Many young girls dream of filling their mothers’ aprons in the kitchen. Whether cooking, baking or serving the family’s favorite dish, it’s possible thanks to interactive games found online. So, if you’re looking for fun and safe girls games for that special little lady, consider searching online to see what’s available. Search results yields a plethora of interactive games for children.

There are numerous benefits of interactive girls games. Whether improving reading and problem solving skills, or sharpening coordination and fine motor skills, online games are a favorite past time for children and parents.

Reading Comprehension

These games offers several interactive games that focus on educational while providing entertainment. Perhaps the greatest benefit is improving reading comprehension skills. To launch the game kids must first read the instructions, and then proceed by reading the details of each task to be completed. Although an arrow is typically used to navigate kids around in the virtual kitchen, reading comprehension is still a pre-requisite to successfully play the games.

Cultivating Creativity

Games such as Kids and Donuts and Halloween Cupcakes are excellent outlets for cultivating creativity. The girls games teach kids how to express their creativity skills without the potential dangers of getting burnt. Kids can decorate cupcakes and donuts with a colorful spectrum of candies, jellies, and other appealing ingredients.

Problem Solving a

Problem solving is another benefit. Kids must apply basic problem solving skills in order to follow the required steps to complete the task at hand. Pumpkin Rolls and Banoffee Pie require kids to use a variety of tasks including using a microwave and stove top before continuing to mix ingredients.

Moussaka, another girls game, is a bit more difficult for some. Instead of a navigational arrow, only pictorial instructions of ingredients are provided to indicate tasks. Understanding how to follow a sequence of events can also be applied in everyday life.

Sharpening Fine Motor Skills

Interactive games are an excellent way to sharpen fine motor skills in young children. For example in the game Pumpkin Rolls, kids are required to blend together the ingredients in a bowl using a virtual mixer. Although instructions are provided on the actions to take, the task requires precision in dragging the arrow in a specific location. Also, picking up cooking utensils and using them to measure and stir ingredients demands detailed coordination to be successful in completing the step.

Learning Tools

The interactive games are also a great learning tool to prepare kids for when they are actually ready to cook unsupervised in the kitchen. Knowing the way around the kitchen is equally as important as following a recipe. Whether using the microwave, stove, timer or cooking utensils, each item is a valuable tool in preparing meals and desserts.


It’s never too early to learn. While not recommended for young children to practice cooking on the family stove unsupervised, interactive online girls games that focuses on preparing food are a great way to learn valuable skills that may be applied inside the kitchen as well as applying to situations in everyday life!