From Fossil Fun Games to Hands-On Activities – Animal Kingdom’s DinoLand USA – Part 2

The Animal Kingdom is another of the four theme parks in Disneyworld Florida. The park focuses more on Walt Disney’s passion for the natural environment and its proper care, conservation and research. It is the biggest animal themed park in the world. In the seven areas of the park we focus on each of them and their attractions. We take a look into DinoLand USA. The first inhabitants of this planet ruled the earth. Dinosaurs created an impact on prehistoric times. This area of the theme park enables to get to know its early beginnings. Here are some of the attractions that are part of this area that are more hands-on:

Fossil Fun Games – This is an area where kids and adults play in traditional boardwalk games for prizes. Some of the games that are for everyone’s challenge are Bronto- Score basketball game, Comet Crasher goblet-toss game, Dino-Whamma mallet strength game, Fossil Fueler water-squirt game, Mammoth Marathon racing derby game.

Kids Discovery clubs – Kids will love this area as it encourages them to be hand-on with a six different varieties of activities. They can choose to construct dinosaurs from piles of bones, do some scavenger hunting, look at the world from the bug’s perspective and even become a wildlife detective. Every activity completed, kids earn a stamp and they receive a bonus for completing everything.

Primeval Whirl – Of course a theme park without a roller coaster would be so dull. This ride is like a spinning time machine that give you dips, risky turns, and crazy curves. The coaster spins on its own round and round path and you never know which way would it twirl.

The Boneyard – This playground is set for kids to combine play and applying some fun knowledge about dinosaurs. You can be pseudo palaeontologists for the day where they can discover fossils of some of the usual dinosaurs such as Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex and even the Woolly Mammoth. There are even slides around its multi-level maze to discover, a xylobone where kids can play a musical instrument made of fossilized bones and many areas of discovery.

TriceraTop Spin – This wholesome kiddie ride is perfect for everyone. It seats four passengers. It flies around a giant top as you encounter cartoon comets and some dinosaurs pop up. Your kids would enjoy it as they can navigate this ride whether to go even higher or lower.